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Andrew Loomis Art

My friend Eric is, among other things, a storyboard artist in Hollywood. One night I was hanging out and when his iBook went to sleep I was astounded by the great screen saver images. At that point Eric turned me on to Andrew Loomis, the illustrator's friend. Loomis wrote several books on figure drawing the most famous being Figure Drawing for All It's Worth. The book has been long out of print, but one website dealing in used books said it is the most popular selling title. Loomis was a commercial illustrator during the 40s and 50s but those words do no justice to his work at all. Eric says that Loomis is the man! Like most boy illustrators, Loomis tends to favor the female form so either that bugs you or it doesn't. This site has all sorts of modeling images and has scanned the Loomis book mentioned above. The scans are big and make great screen savers or whatever you want to use them for. Pink say's check it out.

Loomis Eyes
Loomis Eyes