cAsTLe PiNK fRanKENsTeIN: Frenchy Stuff: l'Humanité

l'Humanité is ye olde communist newspaper of France. Unlike us, France does have newspapers that actually have measurable differences in opinion. Several months ago, they ran this great ad campaign in the Metro. The posters are available as desktop backgrounds from their website and were designed by who trap you at their website with an incredibly long splash page and apparently nothing at the end. I lost patience. However, these ads are cool and I never thought that I would be promoting advertising on my website. Well the Gods looked down and laughed. I will translate the caption for those who aren't so hot at the Frenchy lingo: In an ideal world, Humanité wouldn't exist. The play on words is that the French word for humanity is the same as the name of the newspaper- humanité. Click on the thumbs to see a much bigger version.