cAsTLe PiNK fRanKENsTeIN: Inspiration
This American Life
It's great to be able to listen to this show while overseas. The show is everything good about America even when it is about the bad. Here is a really good episode about Love with a great piece by Sarah "Make History Sexy" Vowell on the song The Ring of Fire (starts at 47:09).
Last Plane to Jakarta
John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats publishes this site whose premise is just music reviews. He doesn't get paid to write them and the reviews contain a lot of opinion other than on the music, which is most of the fun. Just great writing and charming web design. Here is one of my favorites about the as yet to be released next Stokes album.
Free Will Astrology
Unlike the astrological bandits out there, Rob Bresney's Free Will Astrology does not pimp wealth and romance to the masses. Thoughtful and entertaining at any level you want to read it. Updated every Wednesday.
Savage Love
Some of these links are up here because I run across red blooded Americans and Canadians who have no idea what I am talking about. So here it is, sex advice for the wicked and wise. No quarter given, nothing spared. This collum runs in many free weeklies across the US. New collumns are on Wednesday.
The Onion
Microsoft Patents Ones, Zeroes, Bill of Rights Pared Down to a Manageable Six, ACLU Defends Nazis' Right To Burn Down ACLU Headquarters are but a few of the headlines on this classic satirical website. Modled after USA Today, The Onion originally appeared in print but has been running a website as well for years. Updated almost every week.
Cooper Black: Behind the Typeface
Hilarious parody and informative at the same time! The rest of this guys site is pretty good too. Also recommended is this site on TypeFace anachronisms in movies.
Super Bad
click here, then here, and here. Maybe here. This is nice. You can also steel some cool javascript.