cAsTLe PiNK fRanKENsTeIN: Cali: Mitchell's Ice Cream
Mitchell's Ice Cream

No relationship to the other notorious Mitchell brothers, Larry and Jack Mitchell opened their ice cream store in 1953. I am not one to go whacko over ice cream but this stuff is definitely the ideal that all other ice creams strive to achieve. In addition to Pink's favorite Kaluha Mocha Cream they also have a selection of flavors from the Philipines like Avacado and Buko which is baby coconut (Pink's usual order is a double sccoop with this and the Kaluha). If there is one thing that you absolutely must do in SF it is to go here.

688 San Jose Avenue at the corner of 29th Street
(415) 648-2300
11:00 a.m. to 11:00 pm.
7 days a week