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Lee Hazlewood wrote and produced Nancy Sinatra's hit material, (which saved her from obscurity), discovered and gave Duanne Eddy extra Twang and released about a dozen of his own records. He also wrote and produced material for Dino, Frank Sinatra, and a bunch of other artists.

Most of his solo music could be described as country. But it is country coming from the playful, mischievious mind of a Texas raised Okie who saw some combat time (WWII and Korea). Lee sings so straight that the conservative minded thought he was talking backward. He can write a song that hits your outlaw/loser heart strings (if you have 'em) just like Johnny Cash.

All the information gathered here is either word of mouth or taken from liner notes. I have had a darn near hell of a time tracking down anything written about the man outside of the internet. The purpose of this site is to expand awareness of this rare American talent through frequent postings to this site. Contributions of information, pictures or magazine articles are welcomed.

To be informed via e-mail when this site is updated then send a message to lee@frankenstein.com.

Coming Attractions

Two Castle Pink Frankenstein exclusives:
An exposé on Torbjörn Axelman the swedish film-maker who collaborated with Lee on several movies in Sweden.

A feature on Nina Lizell, swedish singing sensation who made the album and the movie "Cowboy in Sweden" together with Lee in 1970.

The Lee Hazlewood Fan Club
It's just an idea right now so e-mail me if you think it is a good idea.

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