Juliette, beloved troublemaker, passes on

PARIS - Juliette passed away today at the Clinique Veterinaire due to respiratory problems after a four story fall from a window. She was six months old.

Known as Monkey, Tinkerbell, Devil Child, and That Little Bitch, Juliette was know for her peculiar dietary habits, amusement with household items, drop dead cuteness, propensity to drink from any water glass except her own, and a stubbornness to do things her way. She loved sauerkraut and cantaloup and would 'wolf' either down at any opportunity. Her favorite toy was a piece of denim fabric tied on the end of a string attached to a stick. Even avowed cat dislikers melted at the site of the little black kitten with yellow eyes. Spunky and rambunctious Juliette was known to provoke fights with her brother Romeo (dog) and her neighbor Mini Me (older bigger cat.) During the notorious Paris heat wave it was revealed that she had an un-feline like attraction to water and was undeterred from her course of action even by point blank squirts from the water bottle. Reclining in the bathroom sink where she could lazily slurp from the dripping faucet was a favorite pastime. Among her many talents was the ability to materialize dust bunnies from nowhere.

Two months ago she caused a bit of a fuss when she rode a potted plant out the window three stories down yet sustained no injuries.

She was always friendly and curious and would greet you at the door when you came home, or run out to say hello in the middle of the night on your way to the bath room. She was really a people person. She will be missed.

She is survived by her mommy Jane, her brother & best friend Romeo and her off-and-on boyfriend Johnnie.