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There are two Discographies available at this site. The first is; This list is 95% of my own Lee Hazlewood collection. It includes pictures of the covers, track listing. A future version will expand on individual albums. It is mostly made up of Lee's domestic solo releases. For the serious anal collector there is another discography, READ ON.

WANTED : more surfers like Ulfert Wilkens (current whereabouts: Unknown!) who sent me the most complete Lee Hazlewood Discography ever. It includes listings of albums and singles that Lee produced. Unfortunately it is only available as an Envoy document so you need the Envoy Plug-In from Tumbleweed Software to view it.

I have made an explicit link to the Envoy Plug-In page. From there you should be able to figure out how to load it into your browser. It is about 700k in size. This discography is rather extensize and well worth the effort to download the plug-in.

The discography is a locked document, which means that one cannot cut and paste from it. It is like an Adobe Acrobat file. DO NOT E-MAIL me with your complaints about not being able to view it. I am in contact with the author and am trying to get a HTML version.

If you are looking for information on releases which feature Lee as a producer or other role then check the Producer section of this site.

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