I like spooky stuff. And I like it even more when I find it relaxing. Years ago I came home to a roommate cranking Yen Pox’s Blood Music album and the mellow, quite mood that reverberated through the house was amazing. I immediately sought a copy out. When I played it for my friend Eric he exclaimed; “That’s so EVIL!”

I don’t know anything about the band except that they are catagorized as Dark Ambient and have worked with other artists like Droum. They are American.

That’s about it. The CD is extremely hard to find.

This is the first track.


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You know that there are people out there who don’t like The Poppy Family. Crazy but it is true.

This nugget is the B-side to their hit single Which Way You Going Billy? which according to All Music Guide sold over 2 million copies. You won’t find it on the “A Good Thing Lost” CD compilation. Terry Jacks did not write the tune, Jody Reynolds and Dolores Nance take that credit. I only have one Poppy album, “Which Way You Goin…” and though that title track is the A-side, the B-side isn’t on that album either.

I found the 80s Susan Jacks album “Ghosts”, produced by Terry, recently so look forward to some cuts from that.

The Poppy Family – Endless Sleep

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Take It From Here My favorite record as a youth was a collection of the British actor (Australian born) Dick Bentley reading and singing from A.A.Milne’s Now We Are Six.

Not a lot of info on Bentley on the interent, and when I googled the ablum the only real entry was a play list from a DJ at KJFC from 2003. Bentley is the middle one in the picture on the left. If you go to the Radio Days site and search for Dick Bentley they have a few samples of a radio program he did in the 50s called Take It From Here. Apparently he also worked with Peter Sellers.

It became a huge holy grail for me to find this record again. Find it I did at a record shop in San Bruno that had a huge collection of kids records. Amazingly, I found it even though it had no cover, and so in a sense I am still looking. I like it just as much now as I did then, actually I only like side 1, side 2 is a Winnie the Pooh story that has a Piglet voice that has and still annoys me. Here is a sample from the record:

Arithmatic – Dick Bentley

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