Take It From Here My favorite record as a youth was a collection of the British actor (Australian born) Dick Bentley reading and singing from A.A.Milne’s Now We Are Six.

Not a lot of info on Bentley on the interent, and when I googled the ablum the only real entry was a play list from a DJ at KJFC from 2003. Bentley is the middle one in the picture on the left. If you go to the Radio Days site and search for Dick Bentley they have a few samples of a radio program he did in the 50s called Take It From Here. Apparently he also worked with Peter Sellers.

It became a huge holy grail for me to find this record again. Find it I did at a record shop in San Bruno that had a huge collection of kids records. Amazingly, I found it even though it had no cover, and so in a sense I am still looking. I like it just as much now as I did then, actually I only like side 1, side 2 is a Winnie the Pooh story that has a Piglet voice that has and still annoys me. Here is a sample from the record:

Arithmatic – Dick Bentley

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